33 Shitty Things That Dont Actually Make You Look Cool

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Ask Reddit desires you to understand NOTHING on this list makes you look cool.

1. Snapchat filters on your dating profile. Now everybody has their own tastes, however I’ m not attempting to date somebody with a pet face.

2. Being into zodiac indications and utilizing them as a reason for their unlikeable habits.

3. Bragging about how little sleep they ’ re getting, the number of all-nighters they ’ ve pulled, how hectic they are, and so on primarily in a school setting.

You require to handle your time much better.

You require to look after yourself.

Everyone has various sleep requires in regards to timing and length.

  • href=”https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/d1oq82/whats_something_that_people_think_makes_them_look/ezor8ga/”target=”_ blank”> 4. When you attempt to play it cool by not right away responding to the texts
  • of somebody you’re interested in. Simply makes you look unenthusiastic.

    is 5. Having a side chick. Specifically in some instagram ‘ funny ’ cringe sketches where it ’ s ‘ relatable ’ jokes. No, it ’ s cool or not amusing to cheat on your loved one, you ’ re garbage.

    6. Bragging about just how much they canconsume prior to losing consciousness.

    Wow! Male(or lady)fucking applause to you. Fantastic accomplishment!

    7. Posting pictures of money on social networks. If you screenshotted your bank account or net worth you ‘d be an asshole, I constantly believe it is amusing how doing that is frequently accepted whereas.

    8. People who bring out life lessons and quotes. They believe they are deep and so extensive however I believe they come off as bigheaded and dumb.

    9. Bragging about how clever you are to other individuals.

    10. Please stop blasting your music in locations where individuals can not leave it. I see your earbuds in your pocket. Please. Redemption.

    11. Grown ladies who utilize baby-talk to other grownups in regular discussion. No, you are cool or not adorable or whatever the hell you believe you are, weirdo.

    12. People who drop or smash their weights at the health club on function.

    13. Vaping.

    14. Sticking your tongue out in EVERY PHOTO.

    15. Saggy trousers. There was a kid in my school whose trousers drooped so low you might quickly see his underclothing.

    16. For me it ’ s using extremely costly shoes/clothing, specifically when I understand you truly can ’ t manage it. I like quality clothing as much as the next individual, however there ’ s a point where$350 tennis shoes are simply absurd.

    17. Being the woman with male friends who is not like other ladies.

    18. Flat brims with the sticker label still on it.

    19. Elitism. Due to the fact that he does not put his life on it, it’s fucking dumb to assault somebody who delights in a pastime just.

    20. Pretending to have psychological concerns.

    21. People who rev their cars/motorbikes truly loud, and it ’ s normally rather late during the night while the majority of people are attempting to sleep.

    22. B ragging about how bad they are, and the number of felonies they have and just how much of an overall fucking cunt they are. One thing I put on ’ t get is individuals extoling how manipulative they are. Like, all right? Great task now I trust you even less.

    23. Bragging about their moms and dads’wealth and success.

    24. Hating all categories of music other than the one they like, I discovered this the difficult method by just liking heavy metal and shitting on all other music without providing a possibility as a teenager. Metals still my preferred however all categories have excellent music.

    25. Being an asshole while concealing being the, “ It ’ s simply a joke, stop taking it seriously. Why can ’ t you take a joke ” declarations.

    26. Backwards upside down visor hats. WTF? Why was that a thing? It ‘d make more sense to walk with an onion connected to your belt.

    27. People listening to their voice messages with many individuals around.

    28. When you’re incorrect, #steeee Never confessing. It might look like a self-confidence power play, nevertheless, many people simply do not care enough about you to state anything or suggest that they saw. They’ll simply gradually wander away from you till one day you’re all alone questioning why nobody with any level of proficiency wishes to hang out/work with you.

    29. When individuals publish their weed on snapchat.

    30. I was attempting to describe to somebody why I quit coffee. I was addicted and I had actually begun to experience sleeping disorders. I would start to shake and migraines would set in if I went too long(perhaps like an hour or 2)without one. Essentially simply typical results of exaggerating caffeine. She asked me the number of I was having, and generally attempted to turn it into this competitors of “ oh I consume more coffee than you, omg I’m so eccentric and sleep denied haha. ” Stop turning other individuals and bad practices ’ s concerns into a competitors of how severely you treat your body. It doesn ’ t make you cool.

    31. Lip fillers.

    32. Name dropping who you understand, or claim to understand, does not make you cool, it just highlights your absence of worth.

    33. People who extol having great deals of sex.


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