Dr Oz’s Tweet Linking Astrology To Health Is Exactly Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

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Cardiac cosmetic surgeon, TELEVISION host, and purveyor of exactly what is basically medical witchcraft Dr Mehmet Oz shared a short article on his Twitter feed the other day. Connecting to text appearing on The Dr Oz Show site, it aims to describe — mentioning astrologist Rebecca Gordon — that “ astrological indications might expose a lot more about our health.”


“ For centuries, we have actually utilized astrological indications to analyze our character and how we communicate with those around us, ” Oz ’ s tweet starts, including: “ nevertheless, these indications might expose a good deal about our health too.”


Clicking on the slideshow you’ re provided with, it begins with Aries. The accompanying text? “ An Aries can have the tendency to ‘ ram or dive in to things head initially. ’ When an Aries feels obstructed, this suppressed energy might appear through migraines, sinus problems, or perhaps jaw stress.”


This, gentlemen and women, is why we can ’ t have good things.


Update: The tweet was erased a long time on the early morning of July 7, however thankfully we took a screenshot of it:

A screenshot of the since-deleted tweet. Twitter

Now, if you’ re here, we most likely put on’ t need to inform you that astrology is overall bullshit. We can’ t even count all the methods where it’ s bullshit. Thanks to the wobble of Earth on its rotational axis, by the method, it’ s not even “ precise ” within its own specifications — all the star indications are a month out .

The whole property exposes as much about you and your health as do the randomized patterns and shapes of your pet dog’ s poop. One may hope this is a joke, Dr Oz’ s questionable history recommends otherwise.

As kept in mind by a number of locations — including This Week Tonight’ s John Oliver– Dr Oz markets natural medicines and health care items with unproven and spurious claims. Gizmodo advised us that he was just recently summoned prior to a Congressional hearing, where he needed to describe under oath why he was backing and promoting items not backed by clinical proof.

As kept in mind by Vox , Oz has actually had Gordon, that previously mentioned astrologist, on his program to describe the health-astrology connection on several celebrations. These tweets and sections highly recommend an extremely tongue-in-cheek mindset towards the subject — and it ’ s extremely most likely Oz doesn’ t think in what astrology assures– however that’ s not the point here.

Few would believe that a physician must ever speak about astrology in this context. Generally such shenanigans might be quickly dismissed, however the factor this matters, regretfully, is that Dr Oz has a following of millions.

Many hold on his every word, and will take this as proof that the motion of the stars actually do discuss why they feel badly or not. Unintentionally or not, this is promoting a hazardous method of considering the world, and health care.

Lest we forget, he’ s even on thePresident ’ s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, which indicates he has a direct line to Donald Trump’ s ears. If it attempted, this couldn ’ t be more 2018.

The world is tiring enough as it is for researchers and science communicators. We’ ve got environment modification to handle and environment deniers to press back versus. We have volcanic eruptions in Guatemala and Hawaii — 2 really various hazards– that are hard adequate to deal with as lacks incorrect reports spreading out about them online.


We ’ re living at a time when the head of NASA stating he altered his mind about environment modification by checking out a lot and paying attention to professionals is, in truth, great news. With that in mind, we definitely do not require individuals like Dr Oz connecting astrology to your health.


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