Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop gets properly roasted by predictive text

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Image: Ian Walton/Getty Images

Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop, a “way of life brand name,” is understood for offering unusual new-age health guidance like providing yourself coffee grind enemas and steaming your vaginal area.

A group of artists parodied Goop and developed “goob,” a “brand-new Gwyneth Paltrow.” Its motto is “feel extremely calm.”

With headings like “Listen to Your Body: Your Migraines are Podcasts Trying to be Produced” and “Is the Soul More Supple When You’ve Been Divorced? We Asked Two Dogs for Some Answers,” it does not sound that various from real Goop headings.

Meditative orgasms: Goop heading or goob predictive text?

This isn’t really Botnik Studios’, a”human-machine imaginative,” very first material parody. Throughout the Winter Olympics, they utilized predictive text to compose a post about the occasion, that included expressions like “all 4 professional athletes kicked a podium over and over” and “Team Britain’s Mom got a gold medal in smiles.”

Botnik Studios utilizes predictive text to produce phony short articles frequently, like this parody of a New York Times Modern Love column, which asks, “Have you ever made love with a fiddle?”

They’ve likewise trained a neural network with countless band names to produce a Coachella lineup that really appears genuine.

Technology is incredible — particularly if it’s being utilized to develop phony way of life brand names.

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